Real Estate

Time Frame: 2 weeks

Role: UX Designer

Method: Concept Test


A real-estate wanted to re-design their website to a more modern look, and wanted to know which information and features are important for their customers and prospective customers. 

I re-designed it based from the results of our research. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to disclose our full research and process that is why I'm only sharing a part of the insights I learned, and the output of the re-design.

Customers usually skips the "Project Brief" or any long paragraph about the property and would like to immediately see the property details. Important information such as the property location and price would like to be seen immediately, followed by other details about the property such as status, unit size, nearby establishments, photos, amenities, and so on, which was followed on the re-design below. In addition, they also wanted to see more photos of the property and its amenities. In terms of the look and feel of the previous design, there were times they got distracted on things that were not intended to be focused on, that is why contrast and visual hierarchy is important and was applied properly on the re-design. 

Overall, I made sure that the important information are placed on top where users are expecting them to be, while ensuring the design still follows their branding (fun and casual) and style guide.