Case Study: Optimizing Customer Profiles for Data Accuracy

Time Frame: 2 weeks

Role: Product Designer & UXR

Method: Usability Test


Fastwire is a startup company dedicated to solving the operational challenges faced by business and finance teams through innovative software solutions. Our mission is to help these teams scale efficiently by improving payment reconciliation processes, thereby reducing the need for additional headcount. 

This case study focuses on understanding how users perceive their customers and how this insight guided the design of our ‘Create Customer’ database feature.


Businesses like soccer and dance classes, which have minor students with guardians, need an efficient way to manage customer profiles. Initially, our assumption was that the primary customers are the ones who are paying, like the parents or guardians, while the secondary customers are the students. 

I crafted a research plan to align document and align the research objective with stakeholders:

Research Method:

We conducted usability tests with our partnered businesses, involving 5 participants, to gain insights into our users’ mental models and understand their perspective on who their primary customers are. 

Key Insights from the Usability Test


This project highlights the importance of challenging initial assumptions through user research. Our initial assumption was that the primary customers were the ones paying, such as parents or guardians, with students being secondary. However, usability tests revealed that students are actually viewed as the primary customers, while guardians are listed as contact persons. 

This critical insight guided us to redesign the ‘Create Customer’ database to focus on student-centric information while ensuring guardians’ details are accessible and billing information is accurately captured. The result was a more efficient and user-friendly interface, significantly improving data accuracy and user satisfaction.

For a comprehensive view of my contributions to FastWire, including other key features and overall design strategy, please see FastWire Design Showcase