Beauty E-Commerce Redesign that Converts

Time Frame: 1 Day

Role: UX Designer


The goal of the proposed design is to create a more user-centered shopping experience that will help customers relate to the products and feel confident about their purchases by understanding customer needs and pain points. 

When shopping for beauty products, one of the pain points most buyers encounter is the uncertainty of a product is suited their skin-type. Buyers need to read the product's detailed description to find information they are looking for, which can be time consuming and confusing. 

For the proposed design, I made changes to the color scheme to emphasize key information. I used pink to highlight essential features and information, while Black was used for buttons to create strong contrast and ensure they are easily distinguishable from the primary pink color. Additionally, I have included key features such as which skin type a product is best suited for and included information on whether a product is vegan and cruelty-free, as well as highlighting the top three benefits of the product. These features can all help customers make informed decisions.

Proposed design:

In conclusion, understanding your customers' needs and pain points, will help us design solutions that truly address their concerns, enhance their experience, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.